About Us

Who we are.

Founded in 2009, Red Carpet Concepts is a boutique Cape Town based communications agency with an impressive national and international footprint with a powerful network of A list media, celebrities and influencers.
Our services are geared specifically towards high-end hospitality and luxury lifestyle brands. We are passionate about food, wine, travel and luxury, as well as humanitarian outreach.
We are a dynamic group of forward thinking PR professionals devoted to enhancing brand identities with attention-grabbing campaigns.

What we offer.

We offer Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media, Event Management and Design services. Our unique 360 degree approach powered by below and through the line marketing sets us apart from our competitors, giving us a competitive advantage in launching the bespoke brands we represent with maximum, sustained effect.
The benefits in using a full service agency reside in the streamlining of content and visual identity across all platforms, avoiding mixed messaging and brand confusion.
We love the brands we work with and ensure every slightest detail is monitored and perfected.

What sets us apart.

By tapping into multi-channel strategies, using both traditional and new-media communication avenues, we ensure sustained, clear and powerful brand messaging to target audiences, delivering measurable results. Our goal is to generate maximum positive awareness around our clients companies and brands delivering superior results.

Our mission.

We are all about generating on-going, positive awareness and hype across print, digital and broadcast media platforms for each of our clients’ bespoke brands. By tapping into key target audiences using a strategic analytical approach we are able to implement strong calls-to-action, delivering high conversion rates, keeping our clients exceptionally happy!

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