Meet our newest team member, Jami-Leigh Pinn.


We recently welcomed a new Account Assistant into the office and we’d like to introduce her to you! Here’s what you need to know about celebrated team member Jami-Leigh Pinn.

Life before RCC?

I attended Windsor High School and matriculated in 2009. I then decided that PR was the next and best step for me and I began my studies at CPUT in 2012 where I completed my BTech for which I received Cum Laude.
During my third year of studies I worked at a well-established PR agency, completing my internship where I’m extremely lucky to be able to say that I learnt a lot.
Once all this seriousness was over I decided to stay home for a while to take a break before it started all over again. It didn’t take too long before I came across Red Carpet Concepts and I believed that this would be the perfect step for me to take.
I say this because at RCC I am able to expand my capabilities within all areas of PR and Marketing, guaranteeing me opportunities to learn and grow.

What was day 1 like?

Day one was kind of blur but nonetheless went really well. The team was extremely friendly and helpful and they didn’t mind me asking a hundred and ten questions. They gave me time to find my feet and learn everything I needed to, to be comfortable, and continuously monitored me to make sure I wasn’t overwhelmed and kept up with the pace.

How do you spend your time outside of work hours?

During the week I’m quite boring, opting to stay home to mentally prepare myself for the days to come. I spend a lot of time on the internet and social media (obviously) and bonding with my dog, Daisy.
On the weekends I do a lot of activities with my family and really close friends (who to me are my family) that consist of social activities because let’s face it – I’m in PR, it’s what I do.
I do enjoy being alone and away from the hectic pace of the world so I do spend a good percentage of my life in bed.

Highlights of being at RCC so far?

Definitely my buddy, Ninja (the office mascot)! His the best part of my day BUT the girls I work with aren’t too bad too – kidding!
I feel that the RCC team is very strong at everything they embark on. Each person I work with has their own individual strengths and in this way I am able to constantly learn from each of them.
Jade is an all-rounder;
Kirsty can produce text like you’d never believe;
Bredine is a master mind in Photoshop;
And nobody can mess with Melissa’s organising skills.
RCC covers all areas of PR and surrounding fields so to me, every day is a new day to learn something that will stick with me forever.

Tell us about your average day

I usually get to work before any of the girls (because being late is a huge pet peeve of mine).
Once everyone has arrived one of the girls will make the best cup of coffee you can imagine (and it’s not even shop brewed).
Then I wait to hear the rushing paws of Ninja come sprinting through the office where he’d eventually calm down and come sit with me while I work.
Sometime throughout the day Jade may have an epiphany on a cool idea for our next project and we’d have a random strat session next to the fire to properly conceptualise all our ideas.
I love to eat so I spend a lot of the day eating a snack in front of my computer while I work. Jade always supports this by bringing all types of goodies to the office that we have with some tea and coffee during our meetings. Our office is surrounded by windows looking down at the busy Kloof Street and facing Table Mountain, so sometimes I find myself sitting at my desk and staring out of the window just because I can.

What is you favourite part of the industry?

The people working within in the industry are the best part of my job. They’re a little bit of both worlds, creative when they can be and strategic when they need to be. Our field involves every area of the social world and how important communication is so to me that’s really interesting.
It’s weird because I never really chose PR in a sense. My best friend decided to write it on her university application form and I looked at her form, asked her what PR is, she gave me a slight explanation to her knowledge and I said, “Oh that sounds cool, I think I’ll do that too.” – Luckily this turned out really well for me.

We warmly welcome Jami in to the RCC team, and wish her the best of luck for her journey with us!

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