Monte Christo Retirement Village: Developer embraces current market conditions

Monte Christo Retirement Village is one of the few new retirement villages that are selling a completed product to senior residents of the Southern Cape. A state-of-the-art frail-care facility, village houses, wheelchair-friendly apartments, a hairdressing salon, library, computer center and a Clubhouse that has a dining lounge, restaurant and ladies bar are amongst the completed facilities Monte Christo has to offer. The Property Development Management Company, Lazercor Developments, has noticed the difficulty senior residents are facing when trying to sell their current properties enabling them to purchase into a retirement village.  In order to embrace this current market condition, Lazercor, together with the contractors and the professional team, have implemented cost-engineering without compromising the build quality.

Considering the facilities that are included, Monte Christo Retirement Village now offers selling prices well below the market norms.  The build quality, evident on the completed units on-site, will set the standard for the units still to be build. The savings will not be based on reducing the quality of the units or eliminating any of the facilities offered, but from lowering plot prices and bringing profitability down to a level which is sustainable. Monte Christo Retirement Village is not only filled with beauty, comfort and security, it also considers the physical, financial and medical needs of its residents. Because financial security is so critical after retirement, Monte Christo residents can have peace of mind in knowing that the levy system is completely transparent and set up in such a way as to ensure that the Village remains sustainable, while residency is kept affordable 🙂

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